VISA Small Mindedness

  • Visa "small" business ad
    Message integration is a main driver for successful advertising. VISA's new small business campaign is taking a different route...

Irony Defined

  • Phone3
    As advertisers face an increasingly congested public space, battling for eyeballs and mindshare, it is ironic that new cell phones cannot be used to dial 1.888.SPELLED OUT NAMES instead of numbers.

Starbucks' Asinine Advertising

  • IMG_0003
    Look at these examples of Starbucks' advertising which all have been in the marketplace in the past month. Given the three different logos and the unclear location of their "beans for home use" ads, me thinks that Starbucks needs to stick with decaf and rethink its strategy. Broken Promises

  • ScreenHunter_04 May. 23 18.18
    Even a King of Web like has yet to learn (and embrace) that everything online is a promise that needs to be met.

Netflix: Poor Communication

  • Todd's blog post
    The sum total of communications from Netflix about its decision to eliminate its Profiles feature.

Look Before Launch

  • SuperCuts2
    I had back-to-back poor web experiences this past weekend... reminds me of 10 years ago. It is 2008, isn't it?

MyYahoo! Weather

  • Yahoo Weather 5
    The baffling example of Yahoo!'s inability to use Chicago, IL as an input for weather yet Chicago is perfectly fine.

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